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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Big Japan Death Match Wars #65

We begin this 2/04/06 edition of Big Japan Death Match Wars with a look at the recent death match push of Saburo Inematsu, who despite looking like your everyday jobber, seems to have found his niche as he worked pretty well against Ryuji Ito & Takashi Sasaki in a light tube death match on the last show, and it took the combined efforts of both Sasaki and Ito to take him down after a spirited fight. Tonight he takes another step into the death match environment as he faces the resident psycho of BJW, Jaki Numazawa in a Fans Bring The Weapons Death Match!

Daisuke Sekimoto & MEN'S Teioh VS Katsumasa Inoue & Hyoma
You could just imagine how stiff those elbow shots Sekimoto & Inoue must have been throwing at each other when you can hear each and every thud when they connect! Interesting to see Sekimoto as the tough, no selling grumpy senior in this one, when a few month’s later he’s going to get the same treatment when he starts working in Zero-One MAX. We didn’t get to see a lot of Hyoma in this one, as it was mostly about the growth of Inoue as he showed he could hold his own against the seniors of the company. He scored several near falls on Sekimoto before getting doubled teamed by both Sekimoto & Teioh, leading to Sekimoto ending the match with his trademark dead-lift German suplex-hold.
Match Rating: *1/2

Daikokubo Benkei VS Yuichi Taniguchi
The commentary team got a good laugh out of Taniguchi when he came out using the old Hardy Boys theme! Benkei & Taniguchi usually team together a lot, but they’ve also developed a bit of a rivalry. The match was clipped down a bit, most probably because big Benkei moves so slow. But what they did show looked fun, as the match sort of became a handicap match due to Hyoma running in to help Taniguchi here and there, like breaking the count when Benkei had Taniguchi pinned! They even double suplexed Benkei and did Taniguch’s running corner cross chop move. Benkei was still able to shrug off the double teaming and deliver a big chokeslam to Taniguchi followed by a big splash to win the match.
Not a lot to this one, but you can’t really expect much from an immobile person like Benkei anyway. Taniguchi should be good when he finally gets serious.
Match Rating: *

A quick look back to earlier in the day as Numazawa checks out the plunder being donated by the fans as they arrive. There’s all sorts of stuff being placed in the dumpster, from a bag of thumbtacks to a devil mask! This one should be fun.

Fans Bring the Weapons Death Match: “Kokutenshi” Jaki Numazawa VS Saburo Inematsu
Numazawa comes out wearing a new leatherface type mask as he torments the crowd in attendance, chasing them around with his chainsaw. Inematsu attacks Numazawa before the bell and continually knocks down the Black Angel before grinding his head with a mini-baseball bat lined with thumbtacks! They brawl out to the floor and Numazawa takes over, breaking a drawer over Inematsu’s head and smacking his back with a shovel! Numazawa than puts the devil mask on Inematsu’s face and spits snack foods at him! Numazawa finds a Freddy Krueger claw in the weapon’s dumpster and tries to carve Inematsu’s face with it, but gives up when he realizes it’s plastic! Numazawa continues by breaking a loaf of French bread on Inematsu’s head, followed by swatting him with a fly swatter. Inematsu mounts a come back, and Numazawa tries to use a Mickey Mouse doll as a shield! Inematsu hits him with a toilet plunger, and Numazawa tries to fight back with anything he can get his hands on.
Numazawa grabs a folding chair from under the ring and breaks it over Inematsu’s head, and then tries to choke him with a dog chain. He than whacks him on the head with a frying pan, before leaving it there and hitting it with the dog chain several times. He gives him one last hit with the frying pan which lets out a big “gong” sound that gets the crowd laughing. Numazawa grabs a big thumbtack lined baseball bat and tries to take a swing at Inematsu, but Inematsu knocks it out of his hand with the frying pan, and smacks the pan over his head a few times! I’m kind of surprised the two are bleeding more by this point.
Inematsu mounts his comeback with some actual wrestling moves, hitting a side Russian leg sweep followed by a big knee drop for a 2 count. He tries to backdrop him on a Tamiya model kit, but misses it. Numazawa fights back hitting a triple-jump dropkick out of the corner, followed by a modified suplex and a short powerbomb for a 2 count. Numazawa places a mini-CD player on him and goes up top, but Inematsu recovers in time, tossing it in Numazawa’s face before giving him a superplex off the top, but Numazawa gets up laughing! They block each other’s lariat attempts, and Numazawa hits a DDT and goes to grab the bucket of thumbtacks!
Numazawa pours the tacks into a pile in the center of the ring, and tries to fireman’s carry Inematsu onto them, but the fights out of it and tries to Rock Bottom Numazawa on them instead! Numazawa breaks free and they both give each other low kicks before Inematsu delivers the Rock Bottom on the pile of tacks! Numazawa gets to his feet and Inematsu floors him with a running double sledge for a 2 count. He gives him a death valley driver on the tacks for another near fall. Inematsu with an enzuguiri and another double sledge for a near fall. Inematsu goes for another running sledge, but Numazawa hits him with a dropkick, himself falling on the tacks again!
Numazawa sets up Inematsu on the top and hits a frankensteiner, Inematsu landing just short of the tacks. Numazawa tries to slam him on the tacks, but Inematsu counters with a small package followed by a double sledge for a pair of near falls. There are tacks all over Numazawa’s body as they trade elbow strikes. The two lunatics are laughing and smiling as they go toe-to-toe, and Numazawa picks up Inematsu and death valley drives him on the tacks for a near fall! Numazawa slams him and uses the frying pan to gather up the tacks and pour them all over Inematsu. He gives him one more whack in the head with the pan before going up top and hitting a big senton roll onto Inematsu’s tack covered body to win the match!
Not as bloody a match as I expected, but the brutality was definitely there thanks to the thumbtacks. Fun match overall.
Match Rating: **1/2

Show ends with Numazawa meeting Inematsu backstage, giving him props and a rematch if he ever wants it.


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