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Saturday, July 22, 2006


BJW Death Match Wars #63

The second half of the big 1/27/06 new year’s show.
Show kicks off with a look back at the formation of Mammoth Sasaki & Shadow WX as a tag team and the road they traveled to get a tag title shot tonight from Abdullah Kobayashi & Daisuke Sekimoto.

Daikokubo Benkei & GENTARO VS Yuichi Taniguchi & Hyoma
Benkei might be the only wrestler in Japan with less mobility than Mr. Pogo or Tadao Yasuda, but he fits in well to these little comedy matches and actually gets motivated to do little sprints every now and then. His on going rivalry with Taniguchi has lead some fun moments thanks to Taniguchi’s unique comedy style. Though it wouldn’t hurt if Taniguchi went serious for a change as he does have some skills when needed and he does have an amateur wrestling background.
Hyoma & GENTARO added some flash to the match thanks to their mix of aerial and ground skills. Thankfully Hyoma will indeed be getting a push down the line, and I can’t wait to see what he can do in a death match environment.
Match Rating: 1/2*

MEN’S Teioh & Onryo VS Yuko Miyamoto & Shinobu

Onryo’s 666 boys gets some TV exposure thanks to his friendship with Teioh. Miyamoto & Shinobu had a good showing despite getting mostly dominated by the senior veteran team. Shinobu did manage to hit the Sex Bomber and S.E.X, but always came up short with the cover. One thing that didn’t make sense though was why Shinobu turned his attention to the referee when Onryo caught the referee’s hand to break the 3 count (like what Yoshinari Ogawa likes to do), and continued to argue with him when Onryo was getting back up to his feet right in front of him while still holding the referee’s hand!
The double Onryo Driver / Miracle Extacy finisher by Onryo & Teioh for the double pin was a great visual and fun end to the match though. The 666 boys are scheduled to make more appearances in BJW in the coming weeks, so it’ll be good working experience and exposure for them for sure.
Match Rating: *

Big Japan Tag Titles: Muscle & Fat (Daisuke Sekimoto & Abdullah Kobayashi) (C) VS Team Angogata (?) (Mammoth Sasaki & Shadow WX)

I’m guessing this wasn’t contested under Death Match rules since they already had a big death match lined up for the main event, but it was still a solid contest pitting the champions against physically the largest tag team in Big Japan who have been running through the competition in recent months.
The champions started off strong with Kobayashi hitting a big dive through the ropes on to the challengers. Sasaki & WX took control when they brawled out into the audience and they double chokeslammed Sekimoto off the second ring (set up for the spider net death match main) event through a table, and continued pummeling the champions with chairs and bits of table. Kobayashi managed to get the hot tag leading to the closing sprint where they dished out the big moves, especially the heated lariat exchange between Sekimoto & WX. Sekimoto was almost able to deadlift-German WX when Sasaki whacked him in the head with a chair. The closing saw Sekimoto charge in and almost get his head taken off by a hard lariat from WX, who finished him off with a brainbuster to win the titles.
It was the standard Big Japan brawl style tag match with big bumps and a hot finish, but it did seem rather rushed at just 15 minutes. I seriously think they could have done better.
Match Rating: ***


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