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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Big Japan Death Match Wars #51


Katsumasa Inoue VS Saburo Inematsu
A good competitive match to kick off the show. Inematsu is an Apache Pro guy who’s currently getting a push as more of a hardcore style worker compared to the mat work he does here. He’s not a bad worker, but I just don’t dig his look as he looks like someone’s uncle rather than a pro-wrestler. Another comparison would be he looks like a smaller version of Bad Boy Hidoh. He looked ok here but nothing really outstanding save for a running double-sledge attack.
Inoue continues to shine and I like seeing him in this singles match environment as he gets to show more. He still needs to work on his moveset, but he’s still young with plenty of chances to pick up and learn new stuff. I’d really like to know how he does those loud thumping head butts though.
Match Rating: *

Hardcore Match: Shadow WX & Mammoth Sasaki VS Bad Boy Hidoh & Jason Ray
Seriously, what is up with Hidoh always attacking and abusing one of the commentators? Did the guy knock up Megumi Kudo or something? I just don’t get the purpose of it. Is it supposed to show what a bad ass Hidoh is for picking on a guy that can’t fight back? That’s one of the reasons right there why I’m not big on Hidoh. Seems like he likes to hype himself too much. He smeared Shadow’s blood over the guy’s face this time, and chased him off with a barb-wire bat after the match. Maybe he’d be a better wrestler if he put as much effort into his ring work?!?
US indy worker Jason Ray really didn’t do anything special here, other than putting on a leopard print bandana and emulating a Jimmy Snuka chop followed by a Jake Roberts DDT, which was acknowledged by the commentary team. He ended up dropping the fall to a nasty Shadow WX brainbuster.
WX & Sasaki continue to work well together it seems as they build to their tag title challenge, but wasn’t really much of note here. I really would like to see Sasaki do his airplane spin into a powerbomb finisher he used to do back in FMW though.
Match Rating: *

Backstage for comments from Ryuji Ito & Takashi Sasaki regarding the 3-way tag main event. Both of them seem ready and confident.
Next up it’s Kobayashi & Sekimoto at the announcers table from earlier in the day, complete with comedy music! Sekimoto asks Kobayashi about the main event tonight, Kobayashi replies something that gets Sekimoto laughing, Kobayashi walks off and Sekimoto does his muscle pose before leaving the announce table.
Backstage again and Dark Angel Numazawa introduces us to his new partner replacing Jun Kasai: MEN’S Teioh! Teioh tries imitating Kasai, and the segment ends with both men laughing like psychotic killers!

3-Way Tag Death Match: Ryuji Ito & Takashi Sasaki VS Abdullah Kobayashi & Daisuke Sekimoto VS MEN’S Teioh & Jaki Numazawa
Two sections of the ring ropes are lined up with light tubes, and Kobayashi & Sekimoto’s tag titles are not on the line here.
I’m guessing Teioh hasn’t done a death match in a while since he was the only guy in the match still wearing a shirt. But Teioh was easily the MVP of the match as he gave the standout performance here. You even forget that he’s teaming with Numazawa since I’m used to seeing Numazawa with Jun Kasai. Teioh had this cool variation of the VanDaminator where he tossed light tubes at his opponents, followed by a roaring elbow smash! He even did a rolling cradle to Ito on the ring mat covered in broken glass, and one of the coolest spots of the match was when he did a Miracle Ecstasy chokeslam to Ito onto Sekimoto with a batch of light tubes between them!
Kobayashi & Sekimoto seemed to have a big bulls eye on them since they were the tag champions, even if their titles weren’t on the line here. Sekimoto did this cool spot where he used his strength to dead lift Teioh out of a pin into a German suplex! The biggest spot of the night I guess would have to be when Kobayashi & Sekimoto did a double sky-high chokeslam to Ito & Sasaki, who double super-plexed Numazawa off the top at the same time!
There wasn’t much from Ito and Sasaki here, even if Ito did do some mad Dragon Splashes and Sasaki has a tendency to kick light tubes into his opponents. For the most part it just seemed like they were there to fill in the gaps I guess.
Numazawa was the bump machine as usual, but he worked well with Teioh, and in fitting tribute to his good friend Jun Kasai, scored the win for his team with a Pearl Harbour senton splash, complete with goggles, onto Sekimoto with a batch of light tubes on him!
This was a fun match overall, and really a tribute to Jun Kasai who is currently out of action due to an intestinal infection.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Post match, again in tribute to Kasai, Numazawa & Teioh strip down to their sexy pants!

Overall: Great main event to an ok show.


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