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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Big Japan Death Match Wars #43

Korakuen Hall 8/28/2005 – Part 1

We begin this episode with a press conference from earlier in the week at the Big Japan dojo and the announcement of the 3-way tag death match. We get comments from the 3 teams involved and are then treated with a look at how the BJW tag champions are training for the match. First we see Abdullah Kobayashi pulling a mini-car, with Sekimoto in the driver’s seat, than we see both tag champions pulling the huge BJW equipment truck, all with the comedy music in the background! “Macho Man” by the Village People than starts playing as the tag champs flex and pose for the press! I love this stuff!

Katsumasa Inoue & Hiroyuki Kondo VS Mammoth Sasaki & MIYAWAKI
What I thought would just another standard Team Wakagumi (Inoue & Kondo) tag match turned out to be a really, REALY strong match! Inoue & Kondo continue to show their growth, with Inoue starting off with a really heated elbow strike battle with MIYAWAKI, where he seemed to channel Misawa as he launched a barrage of stiff elbows before slamming MIYAWAKI with a half-hatch suplex. Surprisingly we got to see more of Kondo this time around, and he definitely looked good matching speed with MIYAWAKI and bumping for Sasaki. Kondo even got to show some power for a change when he manage to bodyslam the much bigger Sasaki, and hit a good, if rather hesistant looking, swanton bomb. Surprisingly, Inoue & Kondo even managed to get that cool superplex/piledriver combo on their opponents here, with the huge Sasaki being the guy getting superplexed!
It was good to see Sasaki actually work more here, being the big power guy that both Inoue & Kondo had trouble with. He surprisingly worked well with MIYAWAKI too, as they had some good team work, including a cool neckbreaker-powerbomb combo which almost won the match for them. I was really impressed by MIYAWAKI here actually. He did this cool move where he hit Kondo with a low dropkick while he gave Inoue a Samoan drop!
Like I said at the beginning, this was a really strong back and forth tag match with both teams not holding back. And even better still, it ended in a time limit draw!
Match Rating: ***

3-Way Tag Death Match: Ryuji Ito & Takashi Sasaki VS 045 Junkies (Jaki Numazawa & Jun Kasai) VS Muscle & Fat (Abdullah Kobayashi & Daisuke Sekimoto)
I just watched one of these this morning, and this one was surprisingly better! Maybe because this was when Kasai was still around? Or maybe cause after the initial brawl into the audience bit, everyone worked on all cylinders to make this a really fun broken glass brawl! But I still think it’s rather dangerous to do a broken glass death match when the ring is in such close proximity to the audience.
Ito & Sasaki again worked well despite being ex-rivals, finding all sorts of ways to break light tubes onto their opponents by kicking them, as well as Ito doing his ever impressive Dragon Splash onto light tubes! Sasaki was even able to hit an Emerald Frosion onto light tubes.
In the middle of all this broken glass mayhem, Kasai & Numazawa saw fit to power up by stripping down to their sexy pants! And they had things going their way for a while, hitting a stereo senton bomb/Pearl Harbour splash! But the sexy pants would backfire on them as Ito & Sasaki would stuff light tubes down their pants before breaking them with a chair shot! Broken glass in your skivvies can’t be good!
The tag champions again were heavily targeted by the other teams, but held their own pretty well as they threw out some fun tandem offense, like dual throat jabs and elbow drops. They even did the wild double sky-high slam out of the corner to Ito & Sasaki, who superplexed Numazawa off the top and the 3 of them all crashed onto several bundles of light tubes! The champions even did a good job of watching each other’s back like good tag champions should, especially during the finish when Sekimoto spreared Ito, Kasai & Numazawa off the mat as they tried to stop Kobayashi from doing a diving elbow drop off the top rope!
A really great match overall with six of the best in Big Japan!
Match Rating: ***1/2

Overall: Only two matches on this episode, but both matches rocked Korakuen Hall big time! Highly recommended!


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