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Sunday, October 02, 2005


DDT Dramatic Dream Fantasia #31: Max Bump 5/4/2005

Iron Man Heavy Metal Title: Lingerie Mutoh VS KENSHIN VS Futoshi Miwa
We’ve got Lingerie Mutoh who’s supposed to be Keiji Mutoh in lingerie, KENSHIN who’s a knock off of Kensuke Sasaki, and Miwa is dressed up as Shinya Hashimoto, so essentially this is a parody of a New Japan dream match!
KENSHIN uses his power to take the advantage early on, even withstanding Miwa’s attempts at Hashimoto’s kicks! One cool spot in the match had Mutoh hitting a Shining Wizard on KENSHIN when he had Miwa locked in a strangle-hold.
There really wasn’t much to this one, but it was fun while it lasted. I’m still surprised how flexible and agile Miwa is for a man his size.
Match Rating: **

KUDO & Iifushi Kota VS Riki Sensyu & Daichi Kakimoto

This match gave Kota & Kakimoto a good showing. I can definitely sees great things in store for Kota in his future as he’s got a great look and arsenal. Who knows where he’ll be once he develops in a few years. Kakimoto looks like Makoto Hashi or Masaaki Mochizuki. He’s got good size to him, and still has a lot of time to develop himself.
KUDO still rules and is seriously one of the underutilized talents of DDT. They should definitely be pushing him into the main event and give him a run as champion either as a heel or a face cause I believe he’d be good either way. Sensyu is just awkward to watch, much like Riki Choshu is. I wouldn’t call him the best worker in the world either for the same reasons, but the fans respond to him well.
An ok match overall.
Match Rating: *

Losing Captain Becomes Normal: Dansyoku Dieno (C), Muscle Sakai, & Yusuke Inokuma VS Poison Sawada JULIE (C), Jun Inomata & Shuji Ishikawa
The losing captains of this match (Dieno & PSJ) have to become “normal” if they lose the match, meaning either no more gayness from Dieno, or no more snake magic from PSJ.
YOSHIHIKO and Cherry were at ringside and got involved in the match. YOSHIHIKO is the infamous blow-up doll, and he/she/it is dressed up as the Undertaker and was referred to as the Dead Man! It was just hilarious watching this blow up doll give Inokuma a choke slam and a swinging DDT!
This was a great match which had all the weirdness DDT is known for, and some great work to go with it. There was a hilarious exchange between Dieno & Ishikawa where they traded punches while on wobbly legs. They did a great job with the finish of the match too as it came down to the two team captains with their necks on the line going at it.
I’ve noticed Dieno doesn’t gay as much as he used to, but that’s not really a bad thing since he really is a great worker behind his hilarious gimmick, and he picked up the win over PSJ with his trademark Dansyoku Driver.
Match Rating: **1/2

KO-D Tag Team Titles: Tomohiko Hashimoto & Nobutaka Moribe VS Tanomusaku Toba & Seiya Morahashi VS Macho Pump & Sho Kanzaki
The build up to this match was that former tag champions Toba & Morahashi had already lost twice to current champions Hashimoto & Moribe of Dick Togo’s Far East Connection faction. So they wanted one last shot, and since it was their 3rd challenge, the match was made into a 3-way match with Macho Pump (who looks like a cross between Masahiro Chono & Magnum Tokyo) and Kanzaki added to the match.
The match itself was a lot of fun with Morahashi & Toba playing the underdogs and taking a heck of a beating from the two FEC teams. I like Morahashi, he reminds me of Togi Makabe. Toba still looks awkward wrestling with boxing gloves on, and you can still easily see his limited ability because of it. Tomohiko Hashimoto plays the powerhouse role really well. I like his XCT jumping chokeslam finisher.
Match Rating: ***

Dieno, Inokuma and Sakai come out to the ring dragging a now “normal” Poison Sawada with them. Sawada now dresses normally with no make up and a nice hair cut! From what I could gather from the interview they gave, Sawada is now starting over as a rookie, and even held the ropes open for the team that beat him so I guess he’s also going to be their ring second! Should be interesting to see how things go from here.

One final tribute to Sawada: After the ending credits, they show a clip of Sawada using his powers to beat Ultraman! I gotta find me that match!

Overall: A really fun show overall, with all the elements DDT has come to be known and loved for: Bizarre angles and characters along with some great wrestling when they get serious. Definitely recommended to check this one out.


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