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Monday, September 12, 2005


AJW Big Egg Wrestling Universe Pt.4

This is it! The final chapter in the Big Egg Wrestling Universe show!

Super Delfin, Gran Naniwa & Jinsei Shinzaki VS the Great Sasuke, Sato & Shiryu
Fun little offering from Michinoku Pro here. The match was a mix of quick paced action with some fun comedy spots thrown in. Even despite keeping a straight face, Shinzaki got in on the comedy antics! They did some fun comedy spots that I don't think are even being done anymore. Heck, you couldn't tell that the guy under the white dragon mask would go on to be one of the junior heavyweight ace of All Japan today, and that Delfin would go on to run one of the most fun indy promotions in Japan. Fun stuff and a great way to break the tension between tournament matches.
Match Rating: **
Entertainment Rating:

V*TOP Tournament Semi Finals: Combat Toyota VS Akira Hokuto
This was surprisingly short as Hokuto technically squashed Toyota here after Toyota had a hard fought match against Hotta earlier. Toyota had control early on before Hokuto fired back and took it to the outside. Toyota regained the advantage for a bit and brought in a table. Toyota would miss a senton bomb on the table and Hokuto quickly put her away with the Northern Lights Bomb. The match only went about six minutes and surprised everyone that it ended so quickly. I was hoping it would take at least another NLB to put Toyota away, but the match as still ok for what they did.
Match Rating: **

V*TOP Tournament Semi Finals: Dynamite Kansai VS Aja Kong

Good Lord this match had some of the STIFFEST shots I have EVER seen! And I’m not talking about simple kicks and slaps, but I mean Kansai was literally trying to take Aja’s head off with some ruthless kicks to the FACE! Aja would of course answer back with her hard hitting backfists, and the crowd was going nuts at the back and forth action here and so was I! I thought it was also pretty amazing Kansai was able to get Aja’s huge frame up for her trademark Splash Mountain Bomb! This boiled down to one of those matches where both wrestlers were like “What the f*** do I got to do to keep her down?!?” Another great match where both competitors looked like the true aces of the companies they were representing.
Match Rating: ****1/4

WWF Women’s Championship: Bull Nakano VS Alundra Blaze

Wow, for a world title match, this one sure lacked that big match feel to it. It was just rather lagging and sluggish and Blaze even blew a spot. They didn’t give the match the big spot, near fall ending that the matches in the tournament had to make the match feel important and that both girls were giving it their all. Best way to describe it would be something you’d probably see on WWE TV.
Match Rating: *1/2

V*TOP Tournament Finals: Aja Kong VS Akira Hokuto

Aja dominated early on, but then there was a freak incident where Hokuto hit her trademark tope off the top rope to the outside on Aja that seemed to bust up Aja’s knee. It really makes you wonder if the injury was a work or a shoot as Aja was un-characteristically screaming her head off at the pain and on the verge of crying! So from here we had Aja as the unlikely underdog against Hokuto who mercilessly attacked the bad knee on Aja. But even with the bad leg, Aja was able to fend for herself and still deliver her always devastating spinning backfist to show the match could still have gone either. And by the end of it, they kept you wondering whether or not the injury was legit or not. Great work from both ladies here.
Match Rating: ****

Finally getting through all four volumes of this shindig! The first two volumes may have been a little slow, but once we get to the main course of the show, the V*TOP Tournament, we get treated to some of the best joshi matches your ever likely to see! This was truly from the golden age of joshi and I highly recommend checking this out!


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