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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Osaka Pro 4/25/2001

I've had this tape sitting around for awhile, and have only just recently watched it finish. This show is part of the Osaka Tag League 2001 to crown the first Osaka Pro Tag Team Champions, as well as Chikako Shiratori's retirement show from the Delfin Arena.

Shusaku Wada VS Takashi Tachibana
The standard rookie match to kick off the show. Nothing really outstanding as usual either, though I'm guessing they do get better once they get their gimmicks later down the road.
Match Rating: *

Takehiro Murahama VS Kengo Takai
Murahama being the ace that he is really made Takai look good here as they traded equal offense. A really good rookie vs ace match. From here, Takai would go on to be the dog outift wearing PERRO. I could just imagine how that was like:
Delfin:"Takai, were finally gonna give you a push and a gimmick!"
Takai:"Arigato, Delfin-san!"
Delfin:"Good! Here's your dog suit!"
Match Rating:**1/4

Super Delfin, Kuishinbo Kamen & Chikako Shiratori VS Ebessan, Miracle Man & Policewoman
Shiratori's retirement match. She really didn't have much of a successfull career outside of Osaka Pro and her run as CMLL Japan Women's Champion. The usual fun goodness from Ebessan & Kamen here, though some of the spots seemed rush as if they've been doing it way too many times. Miracle Man & Delfin bring in the speedy wrestling and Shiratori & Policewoman also hit their signature spots. This was good, but the Korakuen Hall 6-person tag they'd have two months later would better both in work rate and comedy entertainment.
Match Rating: ***
Entertainment Rating: Fun

Shiratori's retirement ceremony follows as she gives her thank you speech, then her list of accomplishments are read out before the whole locker room (minus the heels) comes out to pay their respects and present flowers to her. They all then toss her up in the air several times, and she almost hits the ceiling since the Delfin arena is so small!

Osaka Pro Tag League
Kaiju Zeta Mandora & Kaiju King Mandora VS Azteca & Guerrero Diablo
This was fun as you had the brawling style of the Mandoras against the Lucha style of the KAGEKI team. The crowd was even into it, cheering on the outside team when the two fifty foot monster used some dirty tactics like choking them with a chain and such. The ending was kinda fun too as Zeta Mandora (The future Big Boss MA-G-MA), got in the face of a kid at ringside who was wearing a similar mask! He did the Kaiju pose, but the kid was more confused than scared though.
Match Rating: **1/2

Osaka Pro Tag League
Black Buffalo & Tsubasa VS Daioh Qualtt & Gamma

Two of the top seeded teams in the League, who have also developed a rivalry because of it even though both teams are heels! This was a great hard-hitting back and forth contest, with some great tandem moves thrown in and high flying stuff from Tsubasa. This was a good way to end the show, since it also had alot of good crowd heat going for it.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Overall: A pretty good show, but nothing really spectacular. You might want to get it for Shiratori's retirement, but match wise, your better off picking the 6/13/2001 Korakuen Hall show.


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