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Friday, September 10, 2004


TORYUMON Japan "Revolucion" PPV 2/22/2004

I had this tape sitting around for several months before I finally got around to watching it last night! TORYUMON are the only Indy fed I know in Japan that run monthly PPVs which they named "Revolucion", and they continue to do so now under the Dragon's Gate banner. Let's get to it!

TARU VS Shogo "Jet" Takagi
I thought Jet only threw punches and shoulder blocks at the 6th Anninversary show becuase there were seven other guys in the match to go around, but here he displayed that punches and shoulderblocks (and a dropkick) really are ALL that he can do! TARU himself is limited, but at least he tries to vary his offense. TARU's TARU Driller piledriver is pretty cool though. Nothing special here, just a setup for the main event later.
Match Rating: **

Magnum TOKYO comes out and cuts a short promo on his recent losing of the UDG title to SUWA. Don't know what he said, but looked like the old "Shawn lost his smile" routine.

Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi VS Second Doi & Dragon Kid
I really like Horiguchi! He's got the look of a maniac, but is a really great worker able to blend fast paced action with comedy work! He's the veteran that gets the younger guys over, and this match was all about getting Second Doi over. Ryo Saito is pretty cool too, getting the crowd to cheer on Horiguchi when he got in trouble. This was a really good match, too bad Dragon Kid didn't get to show much here.
Match Rating: ***1/2

The Florida Brothers VS Kenichiro Arai
This was originally a singles match, but Arai wanted both of them at once so we get a handicap match instead. Show this match to anyone, and they'll use it against you that pro-wrestling is fake, but this was seriously HILARIOUS!!! The Florida Bros are just are just great at their roles, and they even used botched spots to their their comedic advantage! Something is definately wrong with you if you don't laugh out loud while watching this!
Match Rating: **
Entertainment Rating: PRICELESS!!!

Anthony W. Mori & Super Shisa VS YOSSINO & Milano Collection AT
This was another great tag match. Mori hadn't joined the Italian Connection yet, but you could definately tell from his looks that he would fit right in. Really an enjoyable match with some great spots.
Match Rating: ***

Intermission time, and how smart are they to play clips of past matches to hype the upcoming semi-final bout and main event? They play highlights of Mochizuki VS Yokosuka, the match where Yokosuka lost and changed his name from since there could only be one Mochizuki in TORYUMON. They then play highlights of an awesome looking 10-man DO-FIXER VS M2K elimination match.

Susumu Yokosuka VS Masaaki Mochizuki
This was an awesome back and forth contest, with Yokosuka attacking Mochizuki's legs so he couldn't use his deadly kicks. There's alot of potential in Susumu, and Mochizuki helped put him over big time as a viable contender. This was actually a very good heavyweight style contest. This was definately the match of the night.
Match Rating: ****

UWA Six Man Tag Titles
CIMA, SUWA & Don Fujii VS Shuji Kondo, Touru Owashi & Brother YASSHI

This started really good, but I was scratching my head at the end of it. Sure they pulled off an original ending to the match (at least I haven't seen something like this before), but it all came off as a "Spoiling the Illusion" moment for me. Also probably would have been better if the main focus of the match wasn't just on Brother YASSHI & Don Fujii. This is PPV for God's sake! Let the aces carry the match!
Still, there were some really good spots in this one, like how CRAZY-MAX finally managed to shut-up the always annoying Brother YASSHI, and their triple team to help CIMA get the monstrous Owashi into a Iconoclasm slam!
Match Rating: ***1/2

Overall: This was a good show, but it didn't feel PPV worthy at some points. The ending of the main event was really puzzling considering the way they pulled it off. Still, like WWE PPV's, the undercard was really good and worth watching.


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