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Monday, April 12, 2004


Osaka Pro Wrestling TV 6/13/2001

Osaka Pro's big Korakuen Hall show which was taped on 5/29/2001 and main evented by a big inter-promotional tag match. Much like their previous show I reviewed, I didn't really know what to expect from this one, other than high anticipation for Ebessan and Kuishinbo Kamen!

Show starts with the usual wrestlers' in ring welcome ceremony, and Ebessan is already up to his old tricks as he interupts OPro head honcho Super Delphin several times during his welcome speech which expectedly gets a laugh out of everyone!

Tigers Mask VS Azteca
I wonder if the Pro Wrestling Kageki is even still in business since Azteca works alot of OPro shows? Anyways, this was a descent show starter with a good mix of fast paced action and some mat work. I heard alot of hype for Tigers Mask, but still can't figure out why.
Match Rating: *1/2

Nise Great Nita VS Monster King Mandora
For all you who were wondering, it's not THE Great Nita, just some guy borrowing his gimmick. This was the only match that was clipped and thank God for that! Mandora looks out of shape and out of place, but HE'S the guy that has to carry the load for this match cause the Nita wannabe is just CRAP! They did a few garbage spots (sickle attack!), but that still doesn't save this match from being a DUD!

Takashi Tachibana & Shusaku Wada VS Kengo Takai & Super Demekin
This started slow, but ended up being suprisingly good. The OPro youngsters really got to show their stuff here as Tachibana & Wada try to overcome the senior team of Takai & Demekin. Good spots and double teaming made this enjoyable.
Match Rating: **

Policewo~men, Ebessan & Zeta Mandora VS Chikako Shiratori, Miracle Man & Kuishinbo Kamen
I had some high hopes for this one, and every expectation I had was surpassed ten-fold! This was honestly the most hilarious match I've ever seen! Even better than Ebessan & Kamen's 2K3 Osaka Hurricane match! The two clowns did a handfull of spots I hadn't seen before, which were hilarious of course! Then there's the joshi work from CMLL women's champion Chikako Shiratori (who's quite a babe) and Policewo~men. She might not look like it, but Policewo~men is a suprisingly good worker, and Shiratori's exchange with Ebessan is must see stuff! Miracle Man and Mandora round off the teams and eventhough they were only in a supporting role, did some good work in the match. This match is definately a must see not just for the comedy as there was also good work being done. It was good to see Ebessan and Kamen mixing it up with different opponents for a change, and the joshi wrestlers were treated as equals to the guys. This is one of those matches where it's OK for forgotten little things like logic and selling to take a back seat. I like this match so much that I've already watched it several times this week alone!
Match Rating: ***
Entertainment Rating: PRICELESS!

Tsubasa & Black Buffalo VS Daio QUALLT & Gamma - Osaka Pro Tag Team Titles
Essentially a match between two rudo teams. Gamma & QUALLT are the tag champs, but function more as individuals. This was also before QUALLT started wearing the cool masks and instead is wearing face paint, and looks more like Kane than ever! Gamma also had a manager/ valet here, though I couldn't catch her name due to the blurry audio. Match itself rocked and INFINITY were the definate underdogs here. Still, a very good match.
Match Rating: ***

El Samurai & Jushin Thunder Liger VS Takehiro Murahama & Super Delphin
The two senior aces of New Japan's Junior Division VS the two aces of Osaka Pro! This was a VERY good and entertaining match and the crowd was really into it! Great action throughout as well as a great finish made this a worthy main event and good way to top off the night.
Match Rating: ***3/4

Overall: This was a VERY good show overall and I highly recommend it! Great stuff with another must see match from the kings of comedy, good work from the regulars, and topped off with a big heated main event.


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