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Tuesday, February 10, 2004


New Puroresu tapes!

Like I've mentioned before, I've got some new puroresu tapes and would put up the event and match listings. Since I don't receive new tapes as often as I'd like, I thought I'd post the tape and match list with a mini review as I watch each tape, So I'll have plenty to fill in this blog in the coming days. So lets get to it with the first of seven events I've watched. Tomorrow I'll post up the Osaka Pro "Osaka Hurricane '03" event.

NOAH Di Colosseo "Navigate For Evolution 2003" - 3/1/2003

Rusher Kimura & Mitsuo Momota Vs Haruka Eigen & Kishin Kawabata
- Your standard old timer's comedy match. Nothing really special here.

Akira Taue, Michael Modest & Donovan Morgan VS Takuma Sano, Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Kotaro Suzuki
- This was an OK match carried mostly by Suzuki. Was a bit dissapointed that we didn't get to see Kikuchi use his headbutts of doom. Taue is definately destined for somekind of Hall of Fame as he is still quite over with the crowds and the everyone seems to sell his offense well. Taue is also getting more freakingly similar to the late Giant Baba! **

Naomichi Marufuji & KENTA VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Makoto Hashi
- Now THIS is more like it! Fists, feet and bodies flying everywhere! And that was all in the FIRST MINUTE of the match! This is a prime example of why NOAH's Jr. Division is every bit as good (or maybe better) than New Japan's! Also a good reason to watch this tape in addition to the upcoming main event. ***1/2

Takeshi Morishima, Takeshi Rikio & Daisuke Ikeda VS Bison Smith, Superstar Steve & IZU
- After watching this match I can finally understand why Bison Smith was a future challenger for the GHC World Title. He was just a monster here and it took both Takeshis to take him down! I'm actually a little intrigued to watch Bison's match with Kobashi after this. This match seemed to also build a singles feud between Smith and Morishima. Fun match though. **1/2

Scorpio VS Yoshinari Ogawa
- Two things made this match good for me: ONE - Ogawa LOST! TWO - It only took Scorpio SIX MINUTES to do it! The downside here was that Ogawa took out the whole gaijin faction at ringside as revenge single handedly! **

Yoshihiro Takayama VS Masao Inoue
- Fun bit before this match when Takayama convinced the interviewer fo cut a promo with him and do the trademark 'No Fear' pose/taunt! This match was all just to build the up-coming NWF title match between Takayama and Takeshi Rikioh, who was doing guest commentary at ringside. This was pretty entertaining cause they let the smaller Inoue match power with the bigger Takayama, even locking on his Argentine Backbreaker at one point. **

Jun Akiyama & Akitoshi Saito VS Tamon Honda & Takashi Sugiura
- This match begins with a good old-fashion blindside attack by the heels when someone dressed as Shura (Akiyama's alter ego), comes out distracting Honda & Suguira. Akiyama then runs in from the audience and attacks Honda, piledriving him on the concrete floor! Honda does manage to come back and hit his Dead-End German on both Sterness members. Suguira even hit his Avalanche Angle-Slam on Akiyama at one point which looked really cool. This was a fun match that showed how true a heel Akiyama really is, though I kinda question the ending of the match **1/2

Mitsuharu Misawa VS Kenta Kobashi (All Japan Triple Crown Title Match from 6/11/99)
- Now THIS is what you call a bonus match! And it's in FULL! All forty-two glorious minutes of this classic and a great prelude to the GHC Title match, as well as a reminder of the long history between two of the greatest pro-wrestlers on the planet! *****

Mitsuharu Misawa VS Kenta Kobashi (GHC World Title Match)
- THE main event! And it totally lived up to all expectations! This match is totally deserving of it's 2003 Match Of The Year award. Only wrestlers the caliber of Misawa and Kobashi can make a thirty-plus minute match go by effortlessly! Lots of dangerous spots and head drops as well as the feeling that it could have easily been Misawa taking the win here again based on their long history. *****

Overall: This was a good show topped off by an awesome main event (or is that two main events?). TWO Misawa/Kobashi matches on ONE show definately makes this a must see! Every reason why I consider Misawa and Kobashi among the best pro-wrestlers in the world are all right here. This also makes for a great overall introduction to Pro-Wrestling NOAH.

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